Marine Power

Marine Electrical is a specialised field and World Power Limited has both experience and expertise to address any of your marine electrical needs. From yachts and launches, commercial vessels to superyachts all aspects are covered.

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Power Generation

World Power Limited are experts in generators and generator control systems. As Woodward authorised system integrators we are involve in the design , installation and commissioning of Woodward control equipment, Automatic voltage regulators and speed control equipment.

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Industrial / Commercial

Our Industrial and Commercial electrical division are involved in building maintenance, Telecommunication industry and industrial electronics. The design of control equipment for special projects through to the installation and build.

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Woodward Launch Easygen XT platform in New Zealand official launch

World Power presented the new range of Woodward Easygens the XT platform in the official New Zealand launch on November 1st 2016

Attendance from all ranges of Power Generation and Power Protection fields was healthy with good information provided to those at the presentation. A broad range from  Consultants, Technicians and End Users all visited to see and have hands on experience with the new platform.

The launch coincided with the Easygen 3500 LS5 training and later the Easygen 3200 training at the NZ marine headquarters.

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New Control System for Tauranga Hospital

World Power commissions control system for Tauranga Hospital Emergency switchboards 

With such a critical site comes some pretty critical back ups

World Power were requested to provide controls to the Emergency switchboards that supply the entire site. By Using Woodward Easygen to provide a paralleling generator solution and Woodward LS5 to sequence the outgoing load; the essential services can be supplied with power after the mains has been lost within 5 seconds. Within 25 seconds the entire site has regained power due to the usage of a priority system in the LS5s.

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Generator Control System for Sky City Completed

World Power completes Generator Control System for Sky City main site stand by power upgrade

Due to the construction of the Sky City International Convention centre, Sky City required a new site for its Emergency power station. The new Generators 3 X 1.4 MVA diesels are to be controlled by Woodward Easygen 3500 to allow them to interface with the new 11000V incomer controls Woodward LS5. World Power provided the Woodward controls and the commissioning support for these controllers.

The Easygens are capable of Run Up Synchronization where all generators start in parallel at reduced voltage and ramp their voltage up when the time is right. By this method the entire site can have full site standby power of 4.2 MW within 20 seconds.

Using the LS5 controllers, returning to mains can be achieved over the internal network at the click of a mouse removing the need for staff to be in the High Voltage room during this time.

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MY Alchemy

During its stay in Auckland some major systems were upgraded or replaced:

  • Shore Power Converter ASEA replacing the old transformer type system
  • Generator control system overhauled using exisiting Selco C6200 to now operate as fully synchronising and load sharing ships generation system
  • Generator load bank – Dry air electric elements fitted to add additional AC load while reducing maintenance required with other marine load banks
  • -Main engine data gathering and distribution – using Murphy range of Analogue to CAN J1939 converters and digital displays the vessel wide information can be relayed to all screens and meters providing accurate and correct data to the vessel crew.
  • Fuel tank monitoring with installed ITIM systems tanks level senders and ITIM systems fuel level gauges, the crew are  aware of the vessels fuel levels at all times.

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